Amnesia : The Dark Descent

Windows Game: Adventure


This configuration allows you to fully play Amnesia with GameWAVE. Make sure you're using the default key bindings in the game.

Since Amnesia is a game that's built on tension, exploration, running and hiding, most of the actions can be done with your right hand in steering mode. Moving your right hand up/down/left/right allows you to look around. Moving your hand forward and backward makes you walk in those directions. Tapping any finger (thumb works well) makes you jump and closing your right hand allows you to interact and hold objects. To run, you can incline your right hand upwards and when you incline downwards instead, you'll crouch. You can reposition by inclining outwards.

Amnesia control

Your left hand only has trigger mode gestures.

Left Hand Trigger Action
one finger swipe down Crouch
one finger swipe left Lantern
two fingers swipe up Inventory
two fingers swipe down Journal
two fingers swipe left Mementos
two fingers swipe right Open recent text
more fingers swipe up Escape key
more fingers circle left Left mouse click
more fingers circle right Right mouse click

Since it's important to set the appropriate atmosphere in Amnesia, I like to have easy control over the sound volume. These are the only two right hand trigger actions.

Right Hand Trigger Action
more fingers circle left Volume quieter
more fingers circle right Volume louder


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