2Fingers4OSX 1.3.5

Mac OS X Operating System



Updated 22 Jan. 2014 reintroduced arrow key commands with right hand in switch mode (two finger gestures up, down, left, right)

Replaced double click with open (cmd-o) command, more reliable: double click often caused series of double-clicks if you were not very fast to move back in position.

The idea is to rest your elbows on the desk and point both your index fingers at the screen to control your Mac. As a matter of fact, I like this gaw setup better than my earlier 'MacOSX gaw'.

right hand in steering mode controls the mouse, thumb lift = right click. Move forward to preview documents (spacebar). Move back to switch to trigger mode where a few basic commands can be found.

Go back to stirring mode by waving one finger left and right. This ensures that the LEAP controller will track your index finger as it switches to stirring mode.

left hand stirring mode only: left click (single tap), left click and hold (thumb lift), open (move forward), plus scrolling up and down. Move back to trigger sleep/wake.

This new version seems to be rather solid, without the previous issues related to the LEAP sometimes messing up with 'outward' and 'thumb lift' gestures.

Here is a short video showing the use of 2Fingers (a previous version, but should give you an idea): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJ7iI32kKhk



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