Flight Simulator X - Mouse Yoke v2

Windows Game: Flight


Right hand:

  • Mouse yoke, (must be turned on first using CRTL+Y).
  • Brakes are operated by open hand
  • Left clicking is done by closed hand

Left hand:

  • Throttle control, closer and farther away from the screen speeds up and slows down (F3, and F2 respectively). This is also mapped to the inclination of the left hand, upward is faster, downward is slower.
  • max throttle (F4) is mapped to flat left hand.
  • The landing gear is operated using the left thumb lift
  • The scroll wheel is mapped to the left hand as well
  • Pause is mapped to Finger multi-taps
  • Right clicking is done by left finger tap

This is a modified Windows Precise Control GAW. See photo below: Screen shot of the GAW file


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