World of Warcraft

Windows Game: Role Playing


This configuration allows you to fully play World of Warcraft with GameWAVE. Make sure you're using the default key bindings in the game.

You'll be essentially running around the world with your left hand, which defaults to steering mode. Moving your left hand up/down/left/right allows your character to move around. Tapping any finger (thumb works well) makes him jump and stabbing your hand forward toggles running and walking. Inclining your hand upward attacks the target and inclining downwards assists the target. You can reposition by inclining outwards.

Your right hand defaults to trigger mode and is mainly going to be used for triggering the twelve standard actions and the first 6 special actions. Inclining your right closed hand will allow you to select and switch targets.

When you switch your right hand to steering mode, you can move your mouse pointer and when you close your right hand, you can change your view by moving your hand. Inclinations allow you to select targets again.

The full configuration with explanatory labels can be seen below.

wow configuration

Thanks to Leap Motion, there's also a handy cheat sheet that you can print out as a reference while you're playing:

enter image description here


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