Windows Control

Windows Operating System


This GAW replaces most mouse functionalities with GameWAVE and sets up a number of gestures that facilitates navigating around your Windows desktop. With this configuration, you get very close to a 'Minority Report'-like experience.

Windows control

Your right hand steering mode controls the mouse and closing your hand will press down the left mouse button and keep it pressed while your hand is closed. When your right hand is open, you can tap with any of the fingers to perform a quick left mouse click.

Your left hand steering mode behaves like a two-dimensional mouse wheel while moving up, down, left and right. When you stab forward, you close the active window.

These are the right hand trigger gestures

Right Hand Trigger Action
one finger swipe up Cursor up
one finger swipe down Cursor down
one finger circle left Volume quieter
one finger circle right Volume louder
more fingers swipe up Maximize window
more fingers swipe down Minimize window
more fingers swipe left Window to left half of screen
more fingers swipe right Window to right half of screen
more fingers circle left Backspace/Delete key
more fingers circle right Return key

There are also a few left hand trigger gestures.

Left Hand Trigger Action
more fingers swipe up Escape key
more fingers circle left Left mouse click
more fingers circle right Right mouse click


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