StarCraft II

Mac OS X Game: Strategy


This configuration allows you to fully play StarCraft II with GameWAVE. Make sure you're using the default key bindings in the game. This GAW is designed for GameWAVE 1.5.3 or later.

You'll be mostly interacting with the world using your right hand, which defaults to steering mode. Moving your right hand up/down/left/right moves the mouse. Tapping any finger (thumb works well) corresponds to a right mouse click, whose action is contextual, typically: move or attack/move. Closing your hand performs a left mouse click and also allows you to hold it pressed to select multiple units on the battlefield. Inclining your hand upward moves the screen to the last warning area. Stabbing your right hand forwards moves the screen to your base. You can reposition by inclining outwards.

The right hand trigger mode has some commands to create and jump to locations on the battlefield.

Your left hand defaults to trigger mode and is mainly going to be used for create unit groups and selecting them. The mouse clicks are also duplicated there as one finger circle gestures, they might be more convenient to perform, especially for single left mouse clicks. The rest of the left hand triggers are unit commands. Swiping up and down with your hand totally open allows you to select all army units or an idle worker.

With your left hand closed in trigger mode (palm open and fingers together), you can incline upwards to hold the shift modifier which allows you to combine unit selections and to chain actions. Inclining the left hand outward, allows you to hold the ctrl modifier to select similar units as the one you clicked on.

Left hand steering mode allows you to pan around the battlefield.

The full configuration with explanatory labels can be seen below.

starcraft 2 configuration


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