Minecraft 1 hand motion 1 hand tools

Windows Game: Role Playing


This is a very early stage of this file and I will most likely edit it as i get more used to GameWave.

This is intended to be the most intuitive way to use minecraft with GameWave. The left hand controls all motion and looking around. Its controls are as follows:

tilt hand up: look up tilt hand down: look down tilt hand right: strafe right tilt hand left: strafe left move hand left: look left move hand right: look right move hand forward: move forward move hand backward: move backward close hand: jump Multi Tap hand: reposition hand (just remove your hand as this can screw with controls and stabilization in the process of repositioning)

The Right Hand is used for tools and other things. It is not required whilst exploring and just moving around. Because of this i recommend your rest your right hand when not in use as I've noticed better performance on the left hand when the Right Hand is out of scope. The controls are as follows:

close hand and tilt anywhere: break block Swipe up or down with any finger count: place block Swipe left with any finger count: scroll left on the hotbar Swipe right with any finger count: scroll right on the hotbar Multi Tap: open inventory

This is designed to work with default control configuration of Minecraft. More features and more intuitiveness to come.



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