Borderlands 2 - Windows FAV CONFIGS

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Best Settings I found for Borderlands 2 play.

Couple of notes:

  1. I reduced speed for aiming; found it easier to use that way. Feel free to increase the percentage.
  2. To melee, simply move forwards with your right hand. Has low sensitivity (high rest), so it doesn't happen with small movements.
  3. The BIGGEST problem for me was scrolling through weapons would be way to fast. My fix for this was to change the change weapon button to "O" in the borderlands settings, since scroll wheel is continuous and cycles too fast. This will work with any movement, but I found downward with my right hand the most natural movement for switching weapons.
  4. I found inclining my right hand upward the most natural reload action (since I tend to accidentally thumb lift a lot). Feel free to switch it to thumb lift if that is more natural for you.

For people having trouble with incline motions Reposition your hands slightly behind (Closer to your body) leap motion for fixing upward inclining movements (easier for leap motion to read the movements). If you are having problems with downward, then reposition hands slightly in front (Further from body) of leap motion. Left hand should usually be more behind leap motion, since you usually want to jump when moving forward, and the moving forward action might place your hands to far in front of leap motion for it to read upward incline if you start off too far up

Hope you enjoy these settings!!

Email me at for any changes or suggestions!


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