MacOSX gaw 6.1.1

Mac OS X Operating System



New in v. 6.1.1 - added left mouse click with left hand single tap

New in v. 6.1 - minor adjustments to the novel features of GameWave release 1.0.9

Major update v. 6.0 Now taking advantage of the 'frontmost finger tracking'

  • Intended for using the LEAP motion controller with both your elbows resting on the desk. Much more relaxing. Frontmost finger tracking allows you to do gestures by just moving your finger or wrist rather than the whole arm. This is a major advantage in terms of ease of use, arm fatigue, precision and feeling of control

  • Point your right hand index at the screen and just start controlling the pointer with impressive precision and 'feel'

  • right thumb up for command-W (close window)

  • all other controls basically unchanged from v. 5.6, but I think this one-finger control is so much more precise and user-satisfying

On the same line, give 2Fingers4OSX a try too!

New features in v. 5.6: - left hand outwards = switch gamewave sleep/wake mode (so useful!) - minor adjustments (e.g. right hand swipe down instead of up for selecting an app; found this gesture just more reliable for me)

New features in v. 5.5: - introduced right hand gestures for quick app switch (in trigger mode): circle open hand left or right to cycle through open apps, swipe up to select the desired app - added two finger gestures for new window and minimize window

Major features:

left hand (steering mode only): scrolling when moved up down left right; preview (= spacebar) when moved deep forward; left mouse click when closed; right mouse click when thumb up.

right hand mouse control up down left right; one finger is recommended for best feedback close window thumb up basic controls in trigger mode (close window, quit, minimize, switch app, change desktop...)


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