Windows Precise Control

Windows Operating System


This control system for Windows isn't complicated though does allow for almost complete control over your PC.

This includes simple trigger control over media that has the standard uses assigned such as volume +/- and media skip/previous etc. The trigger mode can also be used for reloading a webpage, back and forth in your browser window, undo/redo, cursors and a few more commands which is shared by the left hand allowing for easier control.

The steering mode will always be default and is set to be slightly slower but much more responsive. A tap with the finger will give you a quick click the double click is nicely responsive too, you can also close close your fingers to grab objects and open them again to drop.

Tilting your hand to the left or right will switch modes to feel more natural.

The left hand/right hand orientation is decided by whether the hand appears on the left or right side of the Leap device.

Nothing too complicated, lots of control and easy to get used to!


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